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CIIP - Capital Investment Immigration Program



Due Diligence & Administration Fee Payment (non-refundable) USD 5,000

A non-refundable Due Diligence & Administrative Fee of USD 5,000 is required along with the Stage One documents. This fee covers all family applicants.


Citizenship & Investment Fees Reminder (including Investment) USD 150,000

(plus additional dependents)

Single Applicant         Married Couple                   Family of 3                    Family of 4                  Additional

USD 155,000             USD 155,000                USD 155,000               USD 155,000            USD25,000


For Stage 2 the applicant needs to submit the completed Application Form with all necessary documents and pay the main fee.

*The fees cover minor costs for certificate and passport production, oaths ceremony organization, and document delivery for a family of four. A fee of USD 25, 000 is required  per additional dependent.

*All funds are processed through a Government Designated Agent into the government account in Vanuatu. Mandated Fees should be paid in full.

 * The Government conducts checks to verify that all fees have been paid by the applicant. Failing to pay the full amount for Citizenship under the CIIP is illegal and could lead to the rejection or revocation of Citizenship.



1. Initial Due Diligence

Step 1 is carried out by the Vanuatu “Financial Intelligence Unit” (FIU), Immigration Department and Interpol leading to the issue of letter of clearance for Citizenship, subject to completing the remaining document and process formalities.


A Due Diligence Fee of USD 5,000 (including administration fee) is submitted with Stage 1 documents. This fee is only taken once PSCVL has reasonable confidence that the Due Diligence process will be successfully completed.



Vanuatu's Citizenship by Investment Programs are known as the quickest and most straight forward globally.

The Due Diligence process is normally 7-10 days.

2. Full Document Submission

Upon written confirmation of no adverse findings by the FIU, Immigration Department and Interpol the applicant submits a completed application form with all the Stage 2 documents together with the application payment.


The Citizenship Fees and minimum investment amount are mandated by the Government and paid via a Government Designated Agent such as PSCVL.


The Citizenship Commission Committee sits twice a month during which applications are considered over a one day sitting.


3 Citizenship & Investment

Following receipt of written confirmation of Citizenship, the new Citizen takes a short Oath and receives their Vanuatu Citizenship Certificate as well as their Vanuatu Passport.


The Ceremony may be held electronically via Zoom/Skype and does not require the citizen to fly to Vanuatu.


Once citizenship is granted the share subscription will be processed. The new Citizen will then be issued redeemable preference shares in Cocoa Sustainable Fund Limited­­­.


The share certificate will be couriered via DHL to the new Citizen along with their Citizen Certificate/s and passport/s.


You are eligible for Vanuatu Citizenship as long as you pass the Government due diligence process, and you are able to pay the one-off investment.


Vanuatu Citizens, wherever they reside, enjoy the benefits of a Tax Free country (other than indirect VAT and Customs).

Vanuatu Citizens also enjoy visa free travel to 100+ countries including Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Extended Multiple Re-entry Visitor Visas are available for Australia and New Zealand.

It is important to note that visa free travel is just one benefit of a Vanuatu Citizenship.

Individuals gain Vanuatu Citizenship for below benefits:

* Lowest cost second citizenship Receive passport within 3 months

* No need to visit Vanuatu for process

* No residence or interview requirements Pre-approval prior to full investment

* Entire family is eligible for Vanuatu passports (including children and parents/parents in law of applicant)

* Zero tax

* Establish credentials in different jurisdictions

* Establish cross border banking and business entities

* The entire process of Vanuatu citizenship is strictly confidential

* Vanuatu Citizenship is for life and is hereditary

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